Sis, let me tell you. FagLab strives to sell original artwork that embraces homoeroticism and fetish. We reclaim slurs and stereotypes through humor and puns.
...or, maybe there's nothing political behind them at all, and the designs represent pure, gay, creative fun! Either way, the often, sexually charged designs happen to exist on a tiny canvas, in the form of hard enamel pins, sold at an affordable price. 
Subtly own your sexuality by displaying it with your favorite outfit or accessory! 
So, what's the tea on the use of "Fag" in the business name? That's like, a slur that is so "he who must not be named" isn't it?
I'm so glad you brought that up, gurl. So, yes it is an ugly slur, that too many of us, in the gay community, have heard used in the form of homophobia and hate speech. BUT, if we learned anything from Harry Potter, we should have learned that we only empower the hatred by avoiding it. Again, FagLab is all about reclaiming slurs by breathing new, creative meaning into them. Slurs do not sting as much if the victim already embraces them!
...and what kind of "Lab" are you running over there? I get 11th grade Chemistry lab vibes and now I'm triggered.
Well, don't you worry, honey, this Lab is all about fun and creative exxxperimentation that produces sexy results.
Still not convinced?
Maybe you get the feeling that friends or family assume that you are a stereotypical, sexually sterile, gay person that is, too, commonly portrayed in cinema?
Or, maybe you need to spice up your pride gear? Harvey Milk, a heroic gay political icon said that "Every gay person must come out. As difficult as it is, you must tell your immediate family. You must tell your relatives. You must tell your friends if indeed they are your friends..." 
So why not live your truth in bold style?


New Profanity
Bluey Boronia
Want more of the artist behind FabLab, check out this gallery of illustrations

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