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Howdy! 🤠

I'm Christopher, the fag behind the artwork.


I'm a, proud to be queer, illustrator from the lush, coastal planes of North Carolina. If you're familiar with USA's Bible-belt, you might understand that it's taken me almost twenty years to reconcile my love for men and being a country-bumpkin.

I'm married to my best friend of ten years, Justin, who constantly makes me giggle-snort and supports my creative endeavors.

I enjoy drawing boys, penises, flowers...just about anything gay. On a slightly more serious note, what really strikes my fancy, is recreating cultural themes, intended for a straight audience, but with a queer twist. I also enjoy taking a bigot's power away from them with a few strokes of my Wacom stylus, by sprinkling a little creative, fairy-dust on hateful gay slurs, within my artwork. 

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy getting to know me and my artwork. Show me some love and find yourself some goodies in my SHOP

With [gay] love,


Founder and Gay (FAG)



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