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Wholesale - (Set of 3 lapel pins) Prefer Buoys
  • Wholesale - (Set of 3 lapel pins) Prefer Buoys

    The sea of love can feel like a wilderness of uncertainty, sugar. Maybe you're searching for a buoy (boy) to wrap your arms around. Maybe you've already found an amazing buoy to float along with. Either way, there's plenty of buoys to choose, if you're searching. Who knows, perhaps this pin will make it easier to catch the drift of the buoy of your dreams. Pin features a hidden quote from an unknown source: "IN THE SEA OF LOVE (❤), I PREFER BUOYS" 

    • Specs:

      1.25" die-cast polished gold plated, hard enamel.

    • Questions?

      Questions about your order?  Visit our FAQ or contact us!

    • Minimum purchase quantity:

      3 pins at $8.20per lapel pin;
      (HINT: to purchase more, order quantity will increase by a factor of 3)

    • Suggested retail:

      $12.00 per item

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