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Wholesale - (Set of 3 lapel pins) Nutaloadin (glow)
  • Wholesale - (Set of 3 lapel pins) Nutaloadin (glow)

    Doesn't that orange glob look familiar and slightly nostalgic? As a hint, this lapel pin corresponds with the Doug & Roger art print. Also, this version will glow, using a black light, like a certain substance found on an episode of MTV's Room Raiders. ;)

    • Questions?

      Questions about your order?  Visit our FAQ or contact us!

    • Lapel pin specs:

      1.25" die-cast nickel plated metal, hard enamel. There are two options. One that glows in the dark and one that does not glow in the dark. 

    • Minimum purchase quantity:

      3 pins at $7.50 per lapel pin;
      (HINT: to purchase more, order quantity will increase by a factor of 3);

    • Suggested retail:

      $12.00 per item

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