Best Buds hard enamel pin
  • Best Buds hard enamel pin

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    Oooh, honey, you know the feeling when the bud hits just right? For those who are acquainted with the healing properties of Ganja, this pin should take you to your happy place. The artwork celebrates the warm and fuzzy, mental embrace that the plant can provide when you need it the most - perhaps to aid sleep or to relax, or overcome anxiety, and more. The blunt's smoke is personified in the form of a lover's embrace, as if to say, 'take a deep breath, everything will be just fine.' Help demistify the stigma around both the importance of mental health and the consumption of marijuana, while proudly displaying this queer design. The artwork is inspired by the educational message that the former Queer-owned Quarterly Magazine, Bowl + Plant (IG: bowlandplant) was so artfully spreading. The artwork is also inspired by johnnygloom's unique style (IG: @johnnygloom)!

    • Specs:

      1.5" die-cast black nickel plated metal, hard enamel.

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