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"Be gay, do crime!" Art Bundle
  • "Be gay, do crime!" Art Bundle

    SKU: BGDC2021

    "Be gay, do crime!" art bundle includes:

    • 2 lapel pins, joined by a chain (chained brooch). The overall brooch design is a stylized interpretation of fuzzy, pink handcuffs. Together, the handcuffs feature text that reads "Be gay, do crime." Each lapel pin is 1" in size, joined by a 5" chain.
    • The chained brooch is framed by a free, detachable collage-art print, printed on high-quality, shine free, silky smooth, 19pt thick paper stock measuring 4.13” x 5.83".
    • 10% of your purchase will be donated to the ACLU™
    • For a limited time, receive a complimentary sticker in the same style as the collage-art print and featuring the same quote!

    Why be gay, do crime?
    Well, for starters, it supports the true spirit behind Pride month. Pride, born out of our community's reckoning with a bigoted social and legislative construct. Second, we chose to commemorate what is believed to be the spark which ignited queer uprisings in all corners of the US: The Cooper Donuts Riot, an uprising comprised of members of the LGBTQ+ community, happened sometime in May, 1959 in response to police harassment against them.

    Personally, I interpret the mantra, "be gay, do crime," to mean that from a historical context, our queer ancestry, by means of just existing as a queer person, inadvertently broke laws grounded in bigotry, oppression, and hate. For some, this fact remains a reality, especially as we face the risk of about 100 Transphobic legislation, introduced in 2021, among about 33 states in the US.

    It goes without saying that the ACLU and other organizations can't fight this battle alone; get educated, spark conversation with this art bundle, and fight by telling your elected officials that Trans lives deserves the right to happiness, wholeness, inclusion, and more!

    To reiterate, 10% of your purchase will be donated to the ACLU™ (aka American Civil Liberties Union™)! Also, for a limited time, purchase the chained brooch and receive a FREE sticker of the artist's choice.

    *Disclaimers: The ACLU™ is in no way affiliated with these products. Also, due to unexpected manufacturing timelines, the brooch is not in hand yet (as of 5/1/2021) but you have my guarantee that your order will be shipped as soon as they arrive in the next couple of weeks.

    The collage-art print doubles as the backing which holds the brooch. Yes, that means once the lapel pins are removed, there will be a few small pin holes in the print, however, that is intentional, to spark conversation.

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